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Valentines Evening Meal

On Saturday the 13th of February we will be holding a special Valentines evening meal in our Highlands Restaurant. Booking is essential and places are limited so reserve now to avoid disappointment!



Shake up your wake up!

Shake up your wake up! It’s breakfast week from Sunday the 24th of January to Saturday the 30th of January. Stop by for one of our delicious breakfasts in the Highlands Restaurant or come visit the Farm Shop for breakfast ideas, inspiration and samples throughout the week!



Spring is Approaching!


Spring is fast approaching and it’s time to get a head start on the new season. We now have in stock our Scottish grown seed potatoes, vegetable and flower seeds, our new stock of garden sundries, and coming this week are our ever popular summer flowering bulbs! Stop by for a coffee and ask one of our experienced staff members for some advice on how to make your garden bloom this Spring!